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"DXCC-EAST" Convention 2012

DX Awards for 2012

Krassimir "Krassy" D. Petkov - K1LZ
President’s Special Recognition Award; Seventeen Years of Significant Contributions and Sponsorship of
DX-Peditions - 2012

Recognized for Special Achievement:

Your selfless contributions and sponsorship of DX-peditions since 1995 has resulted in over 1 Million QSOs being logged world-wide with the rarest of the rarest DX locations. It is without doubt, without your contributions and support, tens of thousands of Amateur Radio Operators world-wide may not have achieved many of their own personal DXCC awards








Louis P. Malory – WA6DVK
President’s Special Achievement Award; Life Time Youth Development in Amateur Radio - 2012

Recognized for Special Achievement:

For Excellence in Amateur Radio Education and Leadership with focus on Youth Development from 1974 to 1982. For developing and successfully implementing the Vocational Communications Laboratory at Fontana High School, Fontana, CA during 1974-1982. More than 800 students participated with 400 completing the communications program. Over 275 of the students passed over 500 FCC Amateur Radio and/or Third Class Radio Broadcast Licenses. You are an excellent teacher, role model and mentor for youth in Amateur Radio!

DX Awards for 2011

Dr. Hrane Milosevic, (YT1AD) 
DX-Pedition of the Year Award 2011; Leadership & Youth Development
For Excellence in DX-Pedition Leadership, Team Work and Operational Effectiveness:

3D2R- Rotuma Island – October 2011; Outstanding DX-Pedition Operation and Amateur Radio Youth Development Program with Rotuma High School

Sid May – ET3SID
DXer of the Year 2011
Recognized for individual effectiveness, abilities and contributions to the DX Community; Exceeding expectations as Mentor and providing effective Youth Development Leadership at ET3AA